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About Accessibility

The ACCU strongly believe that knowledge and software should be made accessible so that it is not denied to any audience. As the RNIB state:

“Producing information in such a way that all your customers can read makes good business sense, is the law and is fair.” [RNIB]

We endeavour to make our publications, website and conference as accessible as possible taking advice from the ACCU's disabilities officer, Silas Brown. Silas offers accessibility advice to the ACCU committee, ACCU members and to those accessing ACCU resources.

We provide support for those who have accessibility problems with ACCU information or activities, for example joining or attending the conference. We provide a specific email contact for many of the ACCU activities and this should be used when requesting help with accessibility. If no email contact is available please email the site editor who will ensure your request reaches the right person.