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General Site Help


Welcome to the ACCU web site. This page is to help you get started with using the web site, explains some of the features of the site and where to go when you need help or to report problems.

Site orientation

Access to all pages is through the menus to the left. The menu structure is dynamically created by the content of the site and is affected by where you are in the site, and who you are logged in as (see below). In addition, if you have Javascript enabled in your browser, you can collapse and expand the menus.

Types of user

There are three levels of user of this site:

  • Guest - An anonymous user of the site. No login, no user name.
  • User - A site visitor that has registered with the site and has a user name and password.
  • Member - An ACCU member who is by default a Registered User and in addition, has access to 'Members Only' areas of the site.

Currently there is little difference between 'Guest' and 'User', although this will change as we add further features to the site. For example, forums will require you to be a registered user.

A Member is also a member of the ACCU and has access to many other parts of the site, such as the mentored developers pages, past and present journals, books to be reviewed and pages to do with association business.

To become a member of the ACCU, see our Joining the ACCU page.

Creating an account

You can create a new account (site registration) by going to the Registration section and entering the required details. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provide so make sure the email address is valid. You will shortly receive a confirmation email which will contain a link to a page. Follow this link and you will be able to login to the site.

Joining the ACCU (subscribing to the ACCU)

Joining the ACCU can be done through this site and is a two step process. See Membership > Joining for further information.

Have a problem?

Not received your account confirmation email?

If the confirmation email for your website account has not arrived in your inbox, please check that the email has not be classified as spam by your email provider and that you have used the correct email address.

Lost password?

Use the 'New Password' link in the login box, or go to the lost password page. A new password will be sent to your email address, which you can then use to log in with and, if you so desire, change it to something more memorable.

I'm an ACCU member but don't see the Members sections of the site.

Contact the membership secretary at accumembership AT and he will bump you up to Member status. This should happen when you join the ACCU, though sometimes there is a delay in changing the permissions.

Other problems with the site?

Contact the web editor (webeditor AT Please give all pertinent details to help us to help you, especially operating system and browser type.

Page last changed 23 January 2014.