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Overload Journal #119 - February 2014

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Editorial: Random (non)sense
Description : It’s not pretty and it’s not clever. Frances Buontempo considers if the cut-up method can be used to generate editorials. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Static Polymorphic Named Parameters in C++
Description : Adding parameters to an object can be messy. Martin Moene demonstrates how method chaining can make code more readable. by Martin Moene
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Integrating the Catch Test Framework into Visual Studio
Description : Visual Studio’s Test Explorer allows native C++ tests to be run under a managed wrapper. Malcolm Noyes takes it a step further using Catch to drive the tests. by Malcolm Noyes
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Anatomy of a Java Decompiler
Description : Java byte code can be reverted back into source code. Lee Benfield and Mike Strobel show how. by Lee Benfield and Mike Strobel
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Optimizing Big Number Arithmetic Without SSE
Description : Addition and multiplication can be slow for big numbers. Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin try to speed things up. by Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Capturing lvalue References in C++11 Lambdas
Description : How confusing does it get when references refer to references and references are captured by value? Pete Barber shows us that it all falls out in the C++ consistency wash. by Pete Barber
Category: [ Programming Topics ]