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Overload Journal #118 - December 2013

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Editorial: Not So Much a Program, More a Way of Life
Description : In an attempt to continue and improve on the successful formula of previous editorial avoidance techniques, Frances Buontempo considers what a program really is. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
On the Other Side of the Barricade: Job Interviewer Do’s and Don’ts
Description : Interviewing is an important skill which is hard to get right. Sergey Ignatchenko gives advice to get you thinking. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Project Management ]
How to Program Your Way Out of a Paper Bag Using Genetic Algorithms
Description : It is often claimed people cannot program their way out of a paper bag. Frances Buontempo bucks the trend using genetic algorithms. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Object-Environment Collision Detection using Onion BSPs
Description : Previously we considered 3D navigation. Stuart Golodetz demonstrates how to detect collisions using onion binary space partitioning. by Stuart Golodetz
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]
Migrating from Visual SourceSafe to Git
Description : Migrating from one version control system to another is a big change. Chris Oldwood records the trials and triumphs of migrating from VSS to git. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Programming Topics ]