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Programming Topics or Overload Journal #39 - Sep 2000

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From Occam's Razor to No Bugs' Axe
Description : Designing good APIs that stand the test of time is notoriously hard. Sergey Ignatchenko suggests a radical guideline.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Process Topics | Overload Journal #100 - December 2010 ]
FRUCTOSE - a C++ Unit Test Framework
Description : Andrew Marlow describes the development of FRUCTOSE and how it is different from other unit test frameworks.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Overload Journal #77 - Feb 2007 ]
Functional Error-Handling with Optional and Expected
Description : Exceptions should be exceptional. Simon Brand shows modern alternatives from the standard library and ways to improve them.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Overload Journal #143 - February 2018 ]
Functional Programming in C++
Description : Richard Falconer reports on an ACCU talk by Kevlin Henney.
Category: [ Programming Topics | CVu Journal Vol 27, #5 - November 2015 ]
Functional Programming Using C++ Templates (Part 1)
Description : Template metaprogramming can initially seem baffling, but exploring its link to functional programming helps shed some light on things.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #81 - Oct 2007 ]
Functional Programming Using C++ Templates (Part 2)
Description : Continuing his exploration of functional programming and template metaprogramming, Stuart Golodetz looks at some data structures.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Overload Journal #82 - Dec 2007 ]

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