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Overload Journal #81 - Oct 2007

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Overload 81 PDF


07 October 2007 17:35:02 +01:00

While the Cat's Away...
Description : ...instead of spending your time playing, why not learn to be multi-lingual in a multi-cultural world?
Source : Editorial
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
The PfA Papers: The Clean Dozen
Description : Patterns are social animals and are often found in the company of others. This issue, Kevlin Henney looks at where 'Parameterise from Above' has been hanging out.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]
Blue-White-Red, an Example Agile Process
Description : When it comes to running a project, one size rarely fits all, but Allan Kelly finds that tailoring a core idea over time has led to repeated success.
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Functional Programming Using C++ Templates (Part 1)
Description : Template metaprogramming can initially seem baffling, but exploring its link to functional programming helps shed some light on things.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]
auto_value: Transfer Semantics for Value Types
Description : In his quest to pass around values efficiently, Richard Harris concludes by looking at ways of transferring ownership, now and in the future.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]