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ACCU / Bletchley Park Autumn Lectures

Posted by: Administrator on 27 October 2011 12:21:27 +01:00
Each year the ACCU organises a one day conference on security to raise money for the Bletchley Park Trust, the body which runs Bletchley Park, the World War II UK cryptography centre where the legendary German 'Enigma' code was first cracked, and for The National Museum of Computing, also housed at Bletchley Park. See the full article or RegOnline for details of the event.

System update

Posted by: Administrator on 26 March 2010 10:31:56 +00:00
The software running the website has been updated (to Xaraya 1.20). This should help the performance of the site. There was a short downtime while the upgrade was in progress.

The book reviews are back!

Posted by: Administrator on 07 November 2008 21:02:59 +00:00
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New site theme

Posted by: Administrator on 16 April 2007 21:18:56 +01:00
To celebrate the latest conference, we're introducing a new site theme: 'Accu2007'.
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System upgrade

Posted by: Administrator on 13 February 2011 12:41:33 +00:00
The underlying software of the site, Xaraya, has been upgraded to V1.2.3. There should't be any glitches, but if there are, please drop us an email to webmaster at

New look for

Posted by: Tim Pushman on 26 February 2009 08:42:58 +00:00
If you're reading this, you'll have noticed that has a slightly new look. Although there have been some template changes, most of the new look is through reworked style sheets.
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ACCU buttons for your web site.

Posted by: Site Administrator on 29 September 2007 15:59:20 +01:00
There are now a couple of ACCU buttons that can be put up on your web site to help advertise the ACCU.
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ACCU 2006 Conference: Bookings Now Open

Posted by: webeditor on 19 December 2005 09:00:00 +00:00
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