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ACCU 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest result

Posted by: webeditor on 05 March 2012 19:30:20 +00:00

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ACCU Tee Shirt Design 2012We are pleased to announce the winners of the ACCU 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest. Winners because we had two very strong entries and in the end we couldn't decide which was better so we've actually combined the designs. So kudos go to Nigel Lester for the QR Code and to Richard Harris for his homage to an iconic design.

Pre-orders will be taken by Archer Yates. Shirts will only be available for pre-order and pick-up/payment at the conference. We tried taking orders at the conference last year and posting them and it turned into a bit of a fiasco which none of us wish to revisit.

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