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Description : Mind your language! Chris Oldwood recounts a Stack Overflow comment that got him thinking. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Overload Journal #158 - August 2020 ]
When Will Python 2 End: An Update
Description : Silas S. Brown warns of some of the risks with unsupported software. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 32, #3 - July 2020 ]
Diving into the ACCU Website
Description : Matthew Jones gives us an insight into the paddling going on under the water beneath the swan that is our website. by Matthew Jones
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 32, #2 - May 2020 ]
‘HTTPS Everywhere’ Less Harmful Now
Description : Silas S. Brown takes another look at web security. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 32, #1 - March 2020 ]
Why I Don’t Develop for iOS
Description : Silas S. Brown tells a cautionary tale of the App Store business model. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 31, #6 - January 2020 ]
How to Stay Out of a Webmaster’s Bad Books
Description : Silas S. Brown demonstrates how not all online resources are created equal. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 31, #6 - January 2020 ]
GitHub’s Crazy Contribution-Graph Game
Description : Silas S. Brown does a one-year streak. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 31, #1 - March 2019 ]
One SSH Key Per Machine!
Description : Silas S. Brown has some advice on configuring secure connections. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 30, #4 - September 2018 ]
Planet Code
Description : Andy Balaam introduces his blog aggregator. by Andy Balaam
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 29, #5 - November 2017 ]
Open Source – And Still Deceiving Programmers
Description : Malware can hijack the normal flow of your program. Deák Ferenc walks through the ELF format to avoid malicious code injection. by Deák Ferenc
Category: [ Overload Journal #141 - October 2017 ]
How to Block Russia From Your Website (and why you might want to)
Description : Silas S. Brown takes a stand against indiscriminate legislation. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 28, #3 - July 2016 ]
Inspirational (P)articles: Use the DOM Inspector
Description : Silas S. Brown shares a tip for debugging web pages. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 27, #4 - September2015 ]
Web Annotation with Modified-Yarowsky and Other Algorithms
Description : Annotating text automatically requires word disambiguation. Silas Brown introduces the Yarowsky algorithm to help. by Silas Brown
Category: [ Overload Journal #112 - December 2012 | Programming Topics ]
Implementing drop-down menus in pure CSS (no JavaScript)
Description : Implementing drop-down menus to aid website navigation is usually thought to require lots of JavaScript. This article shows how to do it using just CSS. by Anthony Williams
Category: [ Overload Journal #73 - Jun 2006 | Programming Topics ]
When Worlds Collide 2 - Circuit Switch Telephony and Packet Switch Networks
Description :

Unless you work in the telecommunications industry your knowledge of how it works is likely to be quite limited, therefore it is worth describing the basics.

by Mark Easterbrook
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #5 - Oct 2005 ]
Tracking Exceptions in Web Services with GUIDs
Description :

This article demonstrates a technique for tracking exceptions across process boundaries in distributed systems using Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs); data from log files, bug reports, and on-screen error messages can then be correlated, allowing specific errors to be pinpointed.

by Matthew Skelton
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #5 - Oct 2005 ]
Patterns in the Web
Description :

During the development of a an internet based GIS system we came across the problem of maintaining session state on two separate server entities...

by John Morrison , Jonathan Heeley
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 15, #5 - Oct 2003 ]
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