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Project Management

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The Ethical Programmer
Description : Pete Goodliffe considers an ethical approach to programming. by Pete Goodliffe
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 32, #1 - March 2020 ]
Coding Accountability
Description : Pete Goodliffe looks at how we ensure we’re living up to our own standards. by Pete Goodliffe
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 31, #5 - November 2019 ]
Description : Many people are risk-averse. Chris Oldwood considers this position – in verse. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Overload Journal #152 - August 2019 ]
An Interview Icebreaker
Description : Chris Oldwood tries a novel approach to open up the interview conversation. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 30, #6 - January 2019 ]
Are we nearly there yet?
Description : Deciding if you are making progress can be a challenge. Frances Buontempo considers various metrics and their effects. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Overload Journal #147 - October 2018 | Journal Editorial ]
Ruminations on Self Employment and Running a Business
Description : Being self-employed has pros and cons. Bob Schmidt reviews what he has learnt about running your own business. by Bob Schmidt
Category: [ Overload Journal #124 - December 2014 ]
On the Other Side of the Barricade: Job Interviewer Do’s and Don’ts
Description : Interviewing is an important skill which is hard to get right. Sergey Ignatchenko gives advice to get you thinking. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Overload Journal #118 - December 2013 ]
Software Developer Business Patterns
Description : Patterns can be applied to business as well as software. Allan Kelly shows us how. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #111 - October 2012 | Process Topics ]
Moving with the Times
Description : The ACCU is primarily a way for programmers to communicate. Alan Griffiths looks at its past, and speculates on its future. by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Overload Journal #106 - December 2011 | Process Topics ]
The Guy We’re All Working For
Description : Developers like to think they’re in control of their products. Sergey Ignatchenko reminds us who’s really in charge. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Overload Journal #103 - June 2011 ]
What motivates software developers: a workshop report
Description : Keeping your team happy should be more than guesswork. Helen Sharp went and asked you. by Helen Sharp
Category: [ Overload Journal #99 - October 2010 ]
"I'm a Business Analyst - Get Me Out Of Here"
Description : Some classic roles are omitted by Agile methodologies. Allan Kelly considers how a Business Analyst fits in. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #98 - August 2010 ]
Renovating a Legacy C++ Project
Description : Over time projects tend to become hard to maintain. Alan Griffiths describes how one was improved. by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Overload Journal #98 - August 2010 | Design of applications and programs ]
Socially Responsible Recruitment
Description : Finding talented people is hard. Ian Bruntlett highlights an under-appreciated source. by Ian Bruntlett
Category: [ Overload Journal #97 - June 2010 ]
On Management: The Business Analyst's Role
Description : Some management titles are poorly defined. Allan Kelly disentangles a knotty one. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #91 - June 2009 ]
Software Development in the 21st Century
Description : What's the future of software development? Alan Griffiths and Marc Allan have a timely look at recent experiences. by Alan Griffiths , Marc Allan
Category: [ Overload Journal #90 - April 2009 | Process Topics ]
On Management: Product Managers
Description : Product Management is a poorly understood activity. Allan Kelly sheds some light on its mysteries. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #90 - April 2009 ]
WRESTLE: Aggressive and Unprincipled Agile Development in the Small
Description : Agile development is all the rage. Teedy Deigh introduces a popular variant. by Teedy Deigh
Category: [ Overload Journal #90 - April 2009 ]
On Management: Caveat Emptor
Description : There are many theories and practices of management. Allan Kelly offers some warnings. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #89 - February 2009 ]
On Management: Understanding Who Creates Software
Description : Software development organizations vary greatly. Allan Kelly considers what this means for managers. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #88 - December 2008 ]
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