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Project Management

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On Management: Focus, Quality, Time-boxes and Ducks
Description : Project success depends on organisation. Allan Kelly looks at how to keep things in order. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #87 - October 2008 | Process Topics ]
Performitis (Part 3)
Description : Prevention is better than cure. Klaus Marquardt suggests some treatments to avoid problems. by Klaus Marquardt
Category: [ Overload Journal #87 - October 2008 | Process Topics ]
On Management
Description : Management is a vital part of software development. Allan Kelly starts a new series by balancing some constraints. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #86 - August 2008 ]
Quality Manifesto
Description : Software quality is a systems engineering job. Tom Gilb explains the importance of knowing where we're going. by Tom Gilb
Category: [ Overload Journal #85 - June 2008 ]
Creating Awareness
Description : One of the good things about presenting at the ACCU conference is what you learn there. Allan Kelly reviews the results of his last conference talk. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #82 - Dec 2007 | Process Topics ]
Managing Technical Debt
Description : Software projects often cut corners in the rush to meet deadlines, resulting in bad code. Tom Brazier helps us to budget the cost of "doing it wrong". by Tom Brazier
Category: [ Overload Journal #77 - Feb 2007 ]
The Agile Manifesto Explained (and a First Amendment)
Description :

In my last article I set the scene for what I hope will be a series of provocative and informative articles. In the article I described the plight of Pete and his vain efforts to change development processes at his place of work.

by Phran Ryder
Source : agile development
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #5 - Oct 2005 ]
Setting up a Subversion Server for Remote Use
Description :

Revision control is a critical part of any significant development project. Having secure full time access to your repository from wherever you are can be important. In some environments, such as open source projects, it's absolutely crucial to the functioning of the development team.

by Craig Ringer
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #5 - Oct 2005 ]
Editorial: Size Does Matter
Description : The way that one goes about developing and delivering a software project depends critically on the scale of the project.
Discuss. by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Overload Journal #68 - Aug 2005 | Journal Editorial ]
Software Project Management: Adding Stakeholder Metrics to Agile Projects
Description : Agile methods need to include stakeholder metrics in order to ensure that projects focus better on the critical requirements, and that projects are better able to measure their achievements, and to adapt to feedback. This paper presents a short, simple defined process for evolutionary project management (Evo), and discusses its key features. by Tom Gilb
Category: [ Overload Journal #68 - Aug 2005 ]
Professionalism in Programming #32
Description :

In this article I present a series of thought provoking questions based on some topics that I've covered in past issues.

by Pete Goodliffe
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #3 - Jun 2005 ]
A Subversion Primer
Description :

This article provides an introduction to Subversion. It lists Subversion's key features and best working practices, provides cookbook recipes for all the common activities in your day-to-day development work, and points the reader to further reading.

by Pete Goodliffe
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #2 - Apr 2005 ]
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