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Overload Journal #157 - June 2020

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Rainclouds and Olive Branches
Description : Sometimes warning signs get missed or ignored. Frances Buontempo considers signs of trouble and seeds of hope. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Comment Only What The Code Cannot Say
Description : Comments can help or hinder. Kevlin Henney assesses when to avoid them. by Kevlin Henney
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Refocusing Amdahl’s Law
Description : Parallelising code can make it faster. Lucian Radu Teodorescu explores how to get the most out of multi-threaded code. by Lucian Radu Teodorescu
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Some Objects Are More Equal Than Others
Description : Comparing objects is a fundamental operation. Steve Love and Roger Orr consider different language approaches. by Steve Love and Roger Orr
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Description : Mission statements are all the rage. Chris Oldwood considers whether there are any benefits to omission statements. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Process Topics ]