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Overload Journal #147 - October 2018

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Are we nearly there yet?
Description : Deciding if you are making progress can be a challenge. Frances Buontempo considers various metrics and their effects. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Project Management | Journal Editorial ]
How to Write a Programming Language: Part 3, The Evaluator
Description : We’ve parsed our tokens: now we need turn them into values. Andy Balaam continues writing a programming language with the evaluator. by Andy Balaam
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
P1063 vs Coroutines TS: Consensus on High-Level Semantics
Description : Dmytro Ivanchykhin, Sergey Ignatchenko and Maxim Blashchuk argue that we need coroutines TS now to improve-based-on-experience later. by Dmytro Ivanchykhin, Sergey Ignatchenko and Maxim Blashchuk
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Implementing the Spaceship Operator for Optional
Description : Comparison operators can get complicated. Barry Revzin explores how the new operator <=> helps. by Barry Revzin
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Compile-time Data Structures in C++17: Part 2, Map of Types
Description : Compile time type selection allows static polymorphsim. Bronek Kozicki details an implementation of a compile time map. by Bronek Kozicki
Category: [ Programming Topics ]