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Overload Journal #144 - April 2018

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Deeds not words
Description : Women’s suffrage used the motto “Deeds not Words". Frances Buontempo applies this to programming. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
No News is Good News
Description : Using ‘new’ without care can be slow. Paul Floyd uses Godbolt’s compiler explorer to see what happens when you do. by Paul Floyd
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Monitoring: Turning Noise into Signal
Description : Creating useful logging is a constant challenge. Chris Oldwood shows us how structured logging helps. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
The Interface to Component Pattern and DynaMix
Description : Dynamic Polymorphism is hard in C++. Borislav Stanimirov demonstrates how the DynaMix library helps. by Borislav Stanimirov
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
5 Reasons NOT to Use std::ostream for Human-Readable Output
Description : C++’s ostream can be hard to use. Sergey Ignatchenko suggests we use the {fmt} library instead. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Practical Cryptographical Theory for Programmers
Description : Cryptography is a daunting subject. Deák Ferenc helps you get started. by Deák Ferenc
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Ex Hackina
Description : Machine Learning and AI are popular at the moment. Teedy Deigh takes the Turing test. by Teedy Deigh