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Overload Journal #138 - April 2017

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Breadth First, Depth First, Test First
Description : You can approach a problem top-down or bottom-up. Frances Buontempo wonders if algorithms can help us choose the most appropriate direction. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Space invaders in Elm
Description : Elm is a functional language which compiles to JavaScript. Ossi Hanhinen provides an overview. by Ossi Hanhinen
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Single Module Builds – The Fastest Heresy in Town
Description : Unity builds can be controversial. Andy Thomason shows how much difference they can make to build times. by Andy Thomason
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
An Interview: Emyr Williams
Description : CVu has been running a series of interviews. Frances Buontempo interviews the interviewer, Emyr Williams. by Frances Buontempo

(Not Really So) New Niche for C++: Browser!?
Description : How do you run C++ in a browser? Sergey Ignatchenko demonstrates how to use Emscripten. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Contractual Loopholes
Description : Compilers can optimise away functions you may want to time. Deák Ferenc explores ways to stop this happening. by Deák Ferenc
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
All About the Base
Description : Representing numbers presents many choices. Teedy Deigh counts the ways. by Teedy Deigh