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Overload Journal #133 - June 2016

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Editorial: Metrics and Imperialism
Description : Measuring accurately underpins science. Frances Buontempo considers what constitutes sensible metrics. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Dogen: The Package Management Saga
Description : How do you manage packages in C++? Marco Craveiro eventually discovered Conan after some frustrating experiences. by Marco Craveiro
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
QM Bites – Order Your Includes (Twice Over)
Description : Header includes can be a shambles. Matthew Wilson encourages us to bring some order to the chaos. by Matthew Wilson
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
A Lifetime In Python
Description : Resource management is important in any language. Steve Love demonstrates how to use context managers in Python. by Steve Love
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Deterministic Components for Distributed Systems
Description : Non-deterministic data leads to unstable tests. Sergey Ignatchenko considers when this happens and how to avoid it. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Programming Your Own Language in C++
Description : Scripting languages allow dynamic features easily. Vassili Kaplan writes his own in C++ allowing keywords in any human language. by Vassili Kaplan
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Concepts Lite in Practice
Description : Concepts should make templates easier to use and write. Roger Orr gives a practical example to show this. by Roger Orr
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Description : Magazines sometimes use the back page for adverts or summaries. Chris Oldwood has decided to provide us with his afterwords, or ‘afterwood’. by Chris Oldwood