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Programming Topics

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The Tao of Scratch
Description : Scratch is an environment designed to help young people learn to code. Patrick Martin walks us through it. by Patrick Martin

Knowledge-Sharing Architects As An Alternative to Coding Architects
Description : Should architects write code? Sergy Ignatchenko explores this controversial subject. by Sergey Ignatchenko

QM Bites: Understand Windows OS Identification Preprocessor Macros
Description : There’s confusion between user-defined and predefined Windows 32/64-bit operating-system identification macros. Matthew Wilson shines light on the issue. by Matthew Wilson

How to Diffuse Your Way Out of a Paper Bag
Description : Diffusion models can be used in many areas. Frances Buontempo applies them to paper bag escapology. by Frances Buontempo

Description : How do you quickly transfer data from one machine to another? Ian Bruntlett shows us the bash script he uses. by Ian Bruntlett

QM Bites: looping for-ever
Description : Never-ending loop constructs can confound user and compiler in subtle ways. Matthew Wilson offers advice to maximise portability and transparency.

Using Enum Classes as Bitfields
Description : Scope enums have many advantages over standard enums. Anthony Williams shows how to use them as bitmasks. by Anthony Williams

9.7 Things Every Programmer Really, Really Should Know
Description : Most of us have heard of the twelve step program. Teedy Deigh introduces a 9.7 step plan for programmers.