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Overload Journal #128 - August 2015

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Semi-automatic Weapons
Description : Automating work can save time and avoid mistakes. But Frances Buontempo doesn’t think you should script everything. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Multi-threading at Business-logic Level is Considered Harmful
Description : Multi-threaded code promises potential speed-up. Sergey Ignatchenko considers how it often slows things down instead. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Two Daemons
Description : Most people have come across C++11’s forwarding references. Dietmar Kühl explains what && really means. by Dietmar Kühl
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Don’t Design for Performance Until It’s Too Late
Description : People claim optimisation can cause unreadable code. Andy Balaam argues good performance should be at the core of code design. by Andy Balaam
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Template Programming Compile Time String Functions
Description : Practising old exercises in new ways can keep you sharp. Nick Weatherhead demonstrates some well-known code katas using C++ compile time tricks. by Nick Weatherhead
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Numbers in JavaScript
Description : JavaScript floating point numbers can confuse C++ programmers. Anthony Williams draws our attention to some surprising behaviour.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]