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Programming Topics

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Branching Strategies
Description : Branching can either be embraced or avoided. Chris Oldwood documents the pros and cons of three main branching strategies. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Beauty in Code
Description : Attractiveness matters. Adam Tornhill uses a Clojure example to show how generalisation can be more beautiful than special cases. by Adam Tornhill

The Code Is Not the Most Important Thing
Description : Choose the right sort of problem, focus on strategies for solving it, and the code will come easily. Seb Rose teaches kids to code. by Seb Rose

Stop the Constant Shouting
Description : CONSTANTS often shout. Jonathan Wakely considers why this happens in C and what the alternatives are in C++. by Jonathan Wakely

Minimal Overhead for Multiple Interfaces
Description : Using multiple interfaces can slow things down. Daniel Gutson and Pablo Oliva present an alternative. by Daniel Gutson and Pablo Oliva