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Programming Topics

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Hard Upper Limit on Memory Latency
Description : Achieving very low latency is important. Sergey Ignatchenko asks how low can we go. by Sergey Ignatchenko

Simple Instrumentation
Description : Programs often run out of memory or grind to a halt. Chris Oldwood demonstrates how to add instrumentation to your code to track its performance. by Chris Oldwood

Portable String Literals in C++
Description : How hard can it be to make a file in C++ with international text literals in its name? Alf Steinbach shows us. by Alf Steinbach

Dynamic C++ (Part 2)
Description : Previously we saw how to use some simple dynamic features in C++. Alex Fabijanic and Richard Saunders explore more powerful dynamic tools. by Alex Fabijanic and Richard Saunders

Auto – a necessary evil? (Part 2)
Description : Should you declare (almost) everything auto? Roger Orr considers when auto is appropriate. by Roger Orr