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Overload Journal #114 - April 2013

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Editorial: Knitting Needles and Keyboards
Description : Traditionally, both journals and developers have editors. Frances Buontempo considers the role of an editor, in another attempt to avoid writing an editorial. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
A Model for Debug Complexity
Description : Debugging any program can be difficult. Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin develop a mathematical model for its complexity. by Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Valgrind Part 6 – Helgrind and DRD
Description : Debugging multi-threaded code is hard. Paul Floyd uses Helgrind and DRD to find deadlocks and race conditions. by Paul Floyd
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Quality Matters #7 Exceptions: the story so far
Description : Exception handling is difficult to get right. Matthew Wilson recaps the story so far. by Matthew Wilson
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Causality – Relating Distributed Diagnostic Contexts
Description : Supporting a system with many moving parts can be hard. Chris Oldwood demonstrates one way to add tags to log information to aid diagnosis. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Executable Documentation Doesn’t Have To Slow You Down
Description : Comprehensibility of end-to-end scenarios and quick feedback of unit tests are competing goals. Seb Rose introduces Cucumber with tags to meet both needs. by Seb Rose
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]
Why Dysfunctional Programming Matters
Description : Function progamming is all the rage. Teedy Deigh considers how it offers many opportunities for the serious programmer. by Teedy Deigh
Category: [ Programming Topics ]