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Web Annotation with Modified-Yarowsky and Other Algorithms
Description : Annotating text automatically requires word disambiguation. Silas Brown introduces the Yarowsky algorithm to help. by Silas Brown
Category: [ Internet Topics ]
Complex Logic in the Member Initialiser List
Description : The syntactic form of the member initialiser list restricts the logic that it contains. Cassio Neri presents some techniques to overcome these constraints. by Cassio Neri

-640K- 2^256 Bytes of Memory is More than Anyone Would Ever -Need- Get
Description : How fast can computers get? Sergey Ignatchenko provides us with some upper limits. by Sergey Ignatchenko

Footprint on Modify
Description : Tracking history can be done in a variety of ways. Andy Balaam describes one technique with many advantages. by Andy Balaam

Valgrind Part 5 – Massif
Description : Poor performance can be caused by memory usage. Paul Floyd introduces Valgrind’s heap memory profiling tool Massif. by Paul Floyd