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Overload Journal #107 - February 2012

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Memory Leaks and Memory Leaks
Description : Correct use of memory is a major occupation of software development. Sergey Ignatchenko considers what we mean by ‘correct’. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Editorial: Many Hands Make Light Work
Description : Some people say the parallel revolution is coming. Ric Parkin argues it’s in full swing. by Ric Parkin
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Many Slices of π
Description : Many numberic estimation techniques are easily parallelisable. Steve Love employs multi-threading, message passing, and more in search of π. by Steve Love
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Why Computer Algebra Won’t Cure Your Calculus Blues
Description : We still haven’t found how to accurately do calculus. Richard Harris revisits an algebraic technique. by Richard Harris
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
The Eternal Battle Against Redundancies, Part 2
Description : Repeated information leads to poor quality software. Christoph Knabe continues to see how removing them has influenced language design. by Christoph Knabe
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
A Practical Introduction to Erlang
Description : The future of massively parallel hardware will need good language support. Alexander Demin takes a look at an unexpected approach. by Alexander Demin
Category: [ Programming Topics ]