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Overload Journal #104 - August 2011

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Editoral: Rise of the Machines
Description : Been having trouble with technology or simple devices? Ric Parkin fears for our future. by Ric Parkin
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Over-Generic Use of Abstractons as a Major Cause of Wasting Resources
Description : We often find ways to hide complexity. Sergey Ignatchenko looks at how this can be sub-optimal. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Integrating Testers Into An Agile Team
Description : Agile has usually concentrated on how to organise developers. Allan Kelly shows how testers fit in. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Thread-Safe Access Guards
Description : Ensuring safe access to shared data can be cumbersome and error-prone. Bjørn Reese presents a technique to help. by Bjørn Reese
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
An Introduction to Test Driven Development
Description : TDD is too often thought to be all about Unit Tests. Paul Grenyer works through an example to show the bigger picture. by Paul Grenyer
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Why [Insert Algorithm Here] Won’t Cure Your Calculus Blues
Description : We now know that floating point arithmetic is the best we can do. Richard Harris goes back to school ready to show how to use it. by Richard Harris
Category: [ Programming Topics ]