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Overload Journal #96 - April 2010

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Dealing with Growing Pains
Description : Expanding your team is never easy. Ric Parkin experiences the recruiting process. by Ric Parkin
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
The Model Student: A Game of Six Integers (Part 2)
Description : What are the properties of the Numbers Game? Richard Harris continues his analysis. by Richard Harris
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Using Design Patterns to Manage Complexity
Description : Simpler programs are more reliable. Omar Bashir sees how to make improvements. by Omar Bashir
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Bug Elimination - Defensive Agile Ruses
Description : Everyone thinks they understand bug economics. Walter Foyle looks again. by Walter Foyle
Category: [ Process Topics ]
A Practical, Reasoned and Inciteful Lemma for Overworked and Overlooked Loners
Description : Popular movements need a rallying cry. Teedy Deigh offers a timely one. by Teedy Deigh