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Overload Journal #82 - Dec 2007

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The Essence of Success
by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
The PfA Papers: Context Matters
Description : Continuing his history of Parameterise from Above, Kevlin Henny looks at Singletons and Context Objects. by Kevlin Henney
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
The Model Student
Description : Richard Harris begins a series of articles exploring some of the mathematics of interest to those modelling problems with computers. Part 1: The Regular Travelling Salesman. by Richard Harris
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Functional Programming Using C++ Templates (Part 2)
Description : Continuing his exploration of functional programming and template metaprogramming, Stuart Golodetz looks at some data structures. by Stuart Golodotz
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Java Protocol Handlers
Description : Roger Orr demonstrates the use of Java's URL handling to make code independent of the source of data. by Roger Orr
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Upgrading Legacy Software in Data Communications Systems
Description : Changing operational software is a risky business. Omar Bashir offers a case study in matching risk with reward. by Omar Bashir
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Creating Awareness
Description : One of the good things about presenting at the ACCU conference is what you learn there. Allan Kelly reviews the results of his last conference talk. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Project Management | Process Topics ]