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Overload Journal #73 - Jun 2006

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by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Pair Programming Explained
Description : Rachel Davies explains how to implement pair programming and why it can be an effective practice for programmers. by Rachel Davies
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Comments Considered Evil
Description : We are taught that adding comments to code is a good thing and adds value. In practice this value is seldom, if ever, realised. Mark Easterbrook makes the case for a better way. by Mark Easterbrook
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
How Do Those Funky Placeholders Work?
Description : The current C++ standard function binders are notoriously difficult to use. Chris Gibson exposes the secret the Boost alternative, which is so much better it seems like magic. by Chris Gibson
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Implementing drop-down menus in pure CSS (no JavaScript)
Description : Implementing drop-down menus to aid website navigation is usually thought to require lots of JavaScript. This article shows how to do it using just CSS. by Anthony Williams
Category: [ Programming Topics | Internet Topics ]
The Rise and Fall of Singleton Threaded
Description : Steve Love explores how 'Singletons' in design can seem a good idea at the time, why they are generally a mistake, and what to do if you have them. by Steve Love
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs ]
The Case Against TODO
Description : TODO - a neat way to label work in progress or an easy way to disguise the flaws in a codebase? by Thomas Guest
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Objects for States
Description : Originally captured in Design Patterns, Objects for States is described in close conjunction with the Singleton pattern. This article investigates better alternatives for implementing the pattern in C++. by Adam Petersen
Category: [ Programming Topics ]