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Why attend

Sponsored by:
Oxford University
Organized by:
Conference Chair:
Giovanni Asproni
Conference Committee:
Aaron Craigie
Francis Glassborow
Alan Lenton
Ewan Milne
Tim Penhey
Event Manager:
Archer Yates Associates Ltd
Threshers Yard, West Street
Kingham, Oxon. OX7 6YF
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Conference 2008

Why attend the ACCU Conference?

A session in 2007

The ACCU Conference has more benefits to offer than any rival event, and all for less!

At the ACCU 2008 conference you will learn how new features of C++, Java and Python are being used by real programmers; how Agile software development occurs in the real world; why functional languages matter and how to use them to your advantage; and much more!

The ACCU conference provides opportunities not just to hear the latest thinking from leading industry figures but engage in debate and discussion with some of the most renown experts in the field.

Who should attend?

  • Software developers
  • Software project managers
  • Anyone looking to implement Agile software development in their organization
  • Anyone interested in introducing new technologies in their organization

One of the key things that makes the the ACCU conference stand out with respect to other events is the community. There is a particular atmosphere that you don't find elsewhere, and an openness both within the sessions and outside them. You are generally more likely to end up talking to complete strangers and learning from them than any other conference. The ACCU programme is great, but the spaces between the sessions are just as great. That's the mark of an excellent conference.