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ACCU Programme Highlights 2005

ACCU Conference 2005

ACCU Programme Highlights

Herb Sutter Dave Abrahams Jutta Eckstein Alan Griffiths Angelika Langer

The ACCU Spring Conference 2005 boasts an impressive technical programme with an emphasis on C++, Java and Python, with tutorials, workshops and discussions on eXtreme Programming, Patterns and embedded software. This year's event features keynote talks by Bjarne Stroustrup, Jim Coplien, Ross Anderson and Kevlin Henney.

For all professional software developers, this is a key event allowing them to take a few days out to catch up on the latest developments in languages, tools and development methodologies and to learn from the very best.

C++ Programme highlights

As always at the ACCU conference, we feature the most expert C++ content to be found at any event, worldwide. Herb Sutter leads us through a side-by-side comparison of generic types in .NET, Java, and C++, contrasting C++ templates with the facilities provided by .NET and Java Generics. David Abrahams shares his expertise in C++ Template Metaprogramming, and Alan Griffiths Grapples with C++: the Overload editor considers Alastair Cockburn's position that using C++ as a specific project risk factor, assesses the problems that C++ presents and examines an assortment of some of the good (and bad) solutions that have been employed.

In addition, we have a full day track focussing on the evolution of C++. Led by Bjarne Stroustrup and Francis Glassborow, this will offer an insight into the direction the language will be taking in the future, from several experts from the C++ standards committee.

Further highlights include:

  • Detlef Vollmann making us think twice about the use of multi-threading by claiming Threads Considered Harmful
  • Thomas Witt describing Software Engineering in the Metaprogramming Age: a look at C++ templates from the software engineering point of view
  • Paul Grenyer and Jez Higgins exploring the IOStreams library in Paul and Jez's Stream-a-Poloza
  • Mark Radford sharing his Design Experiences in C++ - Generative Programming goes Live!

Java highlights

At this year's conference we are focussing on the new features in J2SE 5.0. In Wildcards in Java Generics, Angelika Langer takes a look at this new language construct, explaining the purpose of wildcards and typical ways of using wildcard instantiations in interface and class design. Benedict Heal asks "What are Annotations For?", and demonstrates how we can now effectively extend the Java language with our own declarations, and specify our own semantics by writing code to give them meaning. Russel Winder leads us through the Issues in the Design and Implementation of a Package in J2SE 5.0. Process highlights

In a programme that addresses a wide range of subjects including development process, analysis, design and patterns, further highlights include:

  • Frank Buschmann discusses Model-Driven Development
  • Rachel Davies, Ivan Moore and Duncan Pierce play The XP Game, and also talk on Refactoring
  • Jutta Eckstein considers Planning, Estimating and Correction in an agile Project
  • Kevlin Henney and Allan Kelly guide us through Writing Your First Pattern
  • Pete Goodliffe on Team Dynamics
  • Allan Kelly views Software Development as Learning

Python highlights

The Python track will consist of a single track spanning 3 days on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Friday 23.

Security track

This year we have a full day track devoted to security programming, with a focus on methods for writing secure programs.