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Video games, copyright and quantum computers

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 09 March 2008 18:37:30 +00:00
[9-3-2008] Alan digs up some interesting material on a few disputed and hyped up subjects...
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A Passport to an Open ID?

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 12 February 2008 20:35:54 +00:00
[12-02-2008] And who exactly does own your computer...
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A dish best eaten cold

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 09 February 2008 19:05:45 +00:00
[9-2-2008] In which our man reflects on a truely bizarre past job interview...
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The Case of the Missing iPhones

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 28 January 2008 05:39:07 +00:00
[28-01-2008] Apple's iPhone seems to be a hit with a reported 3.7 million sold last year. Or perhaps not...
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Interesting Course

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 26 January 2008 10:18:59 +00:00
[26-01-2008] Thinking of adding a little extra to your skills/qualifications?
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A CCTV camera, a CCTV camera, my kingdom for...

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 20 January 2008 19:31:12 +00:00
[20-01-2008] The case of the ACPO evidence!
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Not Exactly Shakespeare

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 30 December 2007 09:25:56 +00:00
[30-12-2007] Some time ago I posted some advice on writing to ACCU General, and several people asked if they could reproduce it, so I thought I'd make it available here...
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Holiday reading

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 29 December 2007 08:02:21 +00:00
[29-12-2007] Holidaying in Vienna, with no laptop, the only thing to do was to read (and eat Viennese pastries - Yum!)
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Wither Vista?

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 18 November 2007 12:19:54 +00:00
[18-11-2007] Rumour has it that lots of companies are passing Vista by on the other side...
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Let them eat fibre

Posted by: Alan Lenton on 21 June 2007 08:42:56 +01:00
[21-6-2007] Something of a world wide milestone was passed recently...
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