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CVu Journal Vol 17, #2 - Apr 2005

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16 November 2006 18:41:04 +00:00

Professionalism in Programming #31
Description :

Last time we began a high-paced stroll through a gallery of collected programmer stereotypes. In this concluding article we'll finish the tour, and see what makes the best type of programmer. Brace yourself: here come more Code Monkeys...

Category: [ Professionalism in Programming, from CVu journal ]
Using Qt's Non-GUI Classes
Description :

In the fifth installment of our series on cross-platform programming with the Qt 3 C++ toolkit, we are going to review Qt's non-GUI classes.

Category: [ Programming Topics ]
An Introduction to Objective-C
Description :

Part 5 - The Philosophy Behind Objective-C

Category: [ Programming Topics ]
A Subversion Primer
Description :

This article provides an introduction to Subversion. It lists Subversion's key features and best working practices, provides cookbook recipes for all the common activities in your day-to-day development work, and points the reader to further reading.

Category: [ Project Management ]