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Programming Topics and Overload Journal #146 - August 2018

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Cache-Line Aware Data Structures
Description : Structuring your program to consider memory can improve performance. Wesley Maness and Richard Reich demonstrate this with a producer–consumer queue.

miso: Micro Signal/Slot Implementation
Description : The Observer pattern has many existing implementations. Deák Ferenc presents a new implementation using modern C++ techniques.

(Re)Actor Allocation at 15 CPU Cycles
Description : (Re)Actor serialisation requires an allocator. Sergey Ignatchenko, Dmytro Ivanchykhin and Marcos Bracco pare malloc/free down to 15 CPU cycles.

How to Write a Programming Language: Part 2, The Parser
Description : We’ve got our tokens: now we need to knit them together into trees. Andy Balaam continues writing a programming language with the parser.

Compile-time Data Structures in C++17: Part 1, Set of Types
Description : Compile time data structures can speed things up at runtime. Bronek Kozicki details an implementation of a compile time set.