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CVu Journal Vol 28, #4 - September 2016

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C Vu Volume 28 Issue 4 PDF

Martin Moene

11 September 2016 17:14:00 +01:00

Home-Grown Tools
Description : Chris Oldwood turns to custom tools when off the shelf won’t do.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Why Floats Are Never Equal
Description : Silas S. Brown tries his hand at optimising floating point equality comparisons.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Smarter, Not Harder
Description : Pete Goodliffe tries to solve the right problems the right way.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Process Topics ]
An Introduction to OpenMP
Description : Silas S. Brown dabbles in multiprocessing to speed up his calculations.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Random Confusion
Description : Silas S. Brown tries to clear up a muddle about Standard C’s rand().
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
High Rollers
Description : Baron M proposes a new wager over a glass of wine.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Code Critique Competition 100
Description : Set and collated by Roger Orr. A book prize is awarded for the best entry.
Category: [ Student Code Critiques from CVu journal. ]
Standards Report
Description : Jonathan Wakely brings the latest news.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]