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Overload Journal #130 - December 2015

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Overload 130 PDF

Martin Moene

08 December 2015 10:00:54 +00:00

Editorial: Reduce, reuse, recycle
Description : The introduction of a carrier bag tax has caused a little fuss. Frances Buontempo considers if it has lessons for programmers.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Once Again on TCP vs UDP
Description : TCP and UDP have different properties. Sergey Ignatchenko weighs up their pros and cons.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Type Mosaicing with Consultables and Delegates
Description : If several classes need to work together lots of boilerplate code is often needed. Nicolas Bouillot introduces type mosaicing to avoid this.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
The Universality and Expressiveness of std::accumulate
Description : Folding is a highly generic operation available through std::accumulate. Paul Keir goes beyond reduction, with the help of C++14’s polymorphic lambdas.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
QM Bites – The two sides of Boolean Parameters
Description : Boolean parameters are tempting but make life difficult. Matthew Wilson advises us to avoid them (almost) all the time.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Identify your Errors better with char[]
Description : Error codes still get used instead of exceptions. Patrick Martin and Dietmar Kühl consider how to use char arrays for better information.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
CPU Clocks and Clock Interrupts, and Their Effects on Schedulers
Description : Instructions to sleep for a second almost never result in precisely one second’s sleep. Bob Schmidt walks us through the mechanics of why.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]