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Overload Journal #129 - October 2015

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Overload 129 PDF

Martin Moene

11 October 2015 08:43:40 +01:00

Failure is an option
Description : Motivational speeches and aphorisms are clich├ęs. Frances Buontempo wonders if they sometimes do more harm than good.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Introducing Concepts
Description : Concepts in C++11 had many false starts. Andrew Sutton show why they are a big deal now they are with us.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Building and Running Software on an Ubuntu Phone
Description : Many of us has a smartphone. Alan Griffiths shows us how to hack an Ubuntu Touch phone.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Password Hashing: Why and How
Description : Password hashing is important. Sergey Ignatchenko explains how to do it properly.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
An Inline-variant-visitor with C++ Concepts
Description : Concepts are abstract. Jonathan Coe and Andrew Sutton provide us with a concrete example of their use.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]