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CVu Journal Vol 27, #2 - May 2015

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C Vu Volume 27 Issue 2 PDF

Martin Moene

10 May 2015 18:59:34 +01:00

Wallowing in Filth
Description : Pete Goodliffe wades into the dreaded cesspit of ‘low-quality code’.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Writing Good C++ APIs
Description : Tom Björkholm examines some common pitfalls that make code hard to use.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Writing a Technical Book
Description : Adam Tornhill discusses motivation, publishing and how to stay focused without ruining your life.
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Split and Merge – Another Algorithm for Parsing Mathematical Expressions
Description : Vassili Kaplan presents an alternative to Dijkstra’s algorithm.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Using 32-bit COM Objects from 64-bit Programs
Description : Roger Orr explains how to cross the platform boundary in COM libraries.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Raspberry Pi Linux User Mode GPIO in C++ – Part 1
Description : Ralph McArdell expands the Raspberry Pi with a C++ library.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Standards Report
Description : Mark Radford reports the latest from the C++ Standards meetings.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Code Critique Competition 93
Description : Set and collated by Roger Orr. A book prize is awarded for the best entry.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]