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Programming Topics and CVu Journal Vol 27, #1 - March 2015

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Using ACCU Membership for Unique IDs
Description : Silas S. Brown considers the case for identity.

LAMP on Ubuntu
Description : Ian Bruntlett shares his notes on setting up a basic web application.

The Developer’s Sandbox
Description : Chris Oldwood wants to be in control.

Simple Android programming with WebKit
Description : Silas S. Brown shares his trials with developing for mobile devices.

Raspberry Pi Linux User Mode GPIO in Python
Description : Ralph McArdell finds stream based input/output to be more convenient.

Code Critique Competition 92
Description : Set and collated by Roger Orr. A book prize is awarded for the best entry.
Category: [ Student Code Critiques from CVu journal. ]
Standards Report
Description : Mark Radford reports on the latest C++ Standardisation proceedings.