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Overload Journal #105 - October 2011

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08 October 2011 16:17:46 +01:00

Editorial: A Journey Through History
Description : Despite early pioneers, the computer revolution is relatively young. Ric Parkin takes a personal tour.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Why Finite Differences Won’t Cure Your Calculus Blues
Description : Now we know our problem in depth. Richard Harris analyses if a common technique will work adequately.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Outsource Your Self-Discipline
Description : It’s all too easy to skip those tedious but vital steps towards code quality. Filip van Laenen suggests getting someone else to do them.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Picking Patterns for Parallel Programs (Part 1)
Description : Designing programs for multi-core systems can be extremely complex. Anthony Williams suggests some patterns to keep things under control.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Intellectual Property – a Crash Course for Developers
Description : Interpreting law is a tricky business. Sergey Ignatchenko introduces someone who can help you avoid expensive mistakes.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]