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Overload Journal #101 - February 2011

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13 February 2011 09:32:42 +00:00

Editorial: Ah! The fog is lifting!
Description : Futurology has a dismal track record. Ric Parkin looks at the history of technology predictions.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Queue with Position Reservation
Description : Multiple threads can make processing a message queue faster. Eugene Surman needs the right data structure.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Why Rationals Won’t Cure Your Floating Point Blues
Description : Numerical computing is still proving hard to do accurately. Richard Harris considers another number representation.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Overused Code Reuse
Description : It’s tempting to use someone else’s code rather than write it yourself. Sergey Ignatchenko reports that ‘No Bugs’ Bunny recommends caution.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
The Agile 10 Steps Model
Description : Technical processes have tended to dominate agile thinking. Allan Kelly looks at the wider picture.
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Rise of the Machines
Description : Sometimes the world really is out to get you. Kevlin Henney identifies some culprits.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]