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Overload Journal #93 - October 2009

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All together now.
Description : Can you do several things at once? Ric Parkin tries multi-tasking.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
The Model Student: A Primal Skyline (Part 2)
Description : How do you measure the length of a curve? Richard Harris gets his ruler out.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Multi-threading in C++0x
Description : Threading support is being added to C++. Anthony Williams introduces us to the new facilities.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Quality Matters: Correctness, Robustness and Reliability
Description : What do we mean by quality? Matthew Wilson considers some definitions.
Category: [ Process Topics ]
The Generation, Management and Handling of Errors (Part 2)
Description : Dealing with errors is a vital activity. Andy Longshaw and Eoin Woods conclude their pattern language.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]

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