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CVu Journal Vol 12, #2 - Mar 2000

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Pure, functional, lazy ISBNs
Description :

Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve your productivity is to take a holiday; a fresh perspective can work wonders. I'm going to describe one of my favourite holiday destinations. Haskell

Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Professionalism in Programming Part 1
Description :

This is the first in a series of articles that will investigate professionalism in programming. Given that the ACCU exists to promote 'professionalism at all levels', these articles are going to delve into what this apparent oxymoron means. We will be addressing what makes a 'professional' programmer.

Category: [ Professionalism in Programming, from CVu journal ]
Iteractive Development - Prologue
Description :

After reading Nigel Eke's series on Monopoly in Overload, it occurred to me that there might be interest in seeing the process of bringing a commercial game to market.

Category: [ Project Management ]
Buffer Overflows and the Standard C Library
Description :

In C Vu 12.1 (page 19), Edward Collier reasonably asked what was wrong with scanf() and fscanf(). The short answer is that they are two of several Standard C Library functions which fail to honour buffer bounds.

Category: [ Programming Topics ]