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ACCU London January 2011

xUnit Style Database Unit Testing with Chris Oldwood

When: 20 January 2011 at 6.30pm

Where: St Alban's Centre Main Hall, Leigh Place, Baldwins Gardens, EC1N 7AB Google map

Registration: Please register at Eventbrite

Free event open to members and non-members alike

This event is sponsored by Merchant Rose: a specialist UK recruitment agency providing resource solutions throughout the IT, Banking, Software, Energy & Utilities and Financial sectors.

ACCU London would like to thank Merchant Rose whose sponsorship allows this event to be provided for free.

Enterprise databases may start out as a well organised bucket of data, but right from the word go they often contain behaviour that can be tested in isolation. With each new release more and more logic will find its way in as the types of consumers diversify in their requirements and technology stacks and performance problems force us into redesign. But how do we ensure the functional aspects of the system remain intact with each new iteration? The xUnit testing model is commonly used in the higher software layers but there appears to be very little in the database community to aid with unit testing those requirements often implemented with check onstraints, foreign keys, triggers, stored procedures etc. This presentation takes a look at how you can apply modern automated unit testing practices (such as the xUnit model) to the world of SQL databases.

About Chris

Chris started out as a bedroom coder in the 80s, writing assembler on 8-bit micros. These days it’s C++ and C# on Windows in big plush corporate offices. He is also the commentator for the Godmanchester Gala Day Duck Race and can be contacted via gort AT