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Previous ACCU London Meetings

Past Meetings

February 2013 - Jason Gorman - Back to Basics: Hype-free Principles for Software Development

This month the accu will host Jason Gorman, taking us beyond the hype and buzzwords and back to principles. He will present his Hype-free Principles for Software Development. For a flavour of the subject visit

November 2012 - Dietmar Kuehl - Use the source

Using C or C++ source for any user created tool used to be near impossible due to the complexity of the languages, especially for C++. The open source compiler clang provides access to its internal data structures exposing all details of the source via a library interface. This library provides a basis for various tools like code-completion hints, static analysis, code transformations, etc. This presentation, by Dietmar Kuehl, gives an introduction to create your own tool using C++ source. The slides are here:

October 2012

What happens when you've absorbed automated testing, continuous integrations and deployment pipelines? Continuous Delivery. Great for the web devs, but what about the rest of us? At the next accu-london Chris O'Dell (7digital), Steve Coates (1E), Rob Chatley (Develogical) and Cosmin Onea (1E) will talk about their experiences with continuous delivery.

20 Sept 2012 Paul Grenyer talked about Walking Skeletons details

11 July 2012 Why do we need yet another testing framework for C++ and Objective-C? by Phil Nash details

14 June 2012 Proper OO with Ed Sykes details

16 May 201 A joint venture with the London Clojurians at skillsmatter details

21 Mar 2012 In The Brain of Allan Kelly: Business Patterns for Software Development

23 Feb 2012 Assembley Language

23 Nov 2011 Lightning talks

20 Oct 2011 Async calls in C#5

21 Sept 2011 How to be an Inrementalist

20 July 2011 Mocking in C++

23 June 2011 How I got into programming

16 March 2011 97 Things

20 January 2011: Chris Oldwood, xUnit Style Database Unit Testing

16 December 2010: ACCU London Christmas meal

18 November 2010: Russel Winder - Java, Python, Ruby, Linux, Windows, are all doomed

21 October 2010: Steve Love on Interface Versioning in C++

16 September 2010: Jon Jagger's Coding Dojo

17 June 2010: Giles Thomas on (Iron) Python at large

20 May 2010: Kevlin Henney - Rethinking Unit Testing in C++

18 March 2010: Paul Grenyer on Enterprise Web Application Development in Java with AJAX and ORMs

25 February 2010: Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce on Sustaining Test-Driven Development - hosted by JP Morgan

21 January 2010: An Introduction to Naked Objects Programming with Dan Haywood.

Tuesday 15th December, 2009: Christmas Party

Thursday 19th November, 2009: James Lyndsay: Anticipating Surprises (or How to Find Problems and Persuade People You've Avoided Them)

Thursday 15th October, 2009: Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley - Coachiing Agile Teams

Thursday 18th June, 2009 : Jason McGuiness, "Parallel Pixie Dust – A Novel C++ Threading Library"

Thursday 21st May, 2009 : Jeff Sutherland, "Agile Software Development in the Enterprise"

Thursday 19th March, 2009 : Steve Love, "G'OO'D Behaviour"

Thursday 19th February, 2009 : Paul Grenyer, "Boiler-Plating Database Resource Cleanup in Java"

Thursday 15th January, 2009 : Lewis Turner, "CVs, Recruiters, Interviewing - how to win!"

Tuesday 16th December, 2008 : ACCU Christmas Party

Thursday 20th November, 2008 : Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, "Taming the Lint Monster"

Thursday 18th September, 2008 : Andrew Holmes, "Value at Risk"

Thursday 17th July, 2008 : Colin Egan and Jason McGuiness, "The Challenges facing Libraries and Imperative Languages from Massively Parallel Architectures"

Thursday 19th June, 2008 : Mike Taulty, "Overview of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework V3.5"

Thursday 22nd May, 2008 : David Carter-Hitchin, "An introduction to Quantitative Development"

Thursday 17th April, 2008 : Russel Winder, "Them threads, them threads, them useless threads – Recompiled"

Thursday 21st February, 2008 : Allan Kelly, "Agile Software Development - Where to begin?"

Thursday 17th January, 2008 : Roger Orr, "The Next C++ Standard"

Thursday 13th December, 2007 : ACCU Christmas Party

Thursday 15th November, 2007 : Peter Pilgrim, "Architectural Implications of Java EE 5.0"

Thursday 18th October, 2007 ... : Schalk Cronje, "Bad Smells In Killer Apps"

Thursday 20th September, 2007 : Pete Goodliffe, "Code Monkeys"

Thursday 19th July, 2007 : Aviv Handler, "Product Managers - What do they do and how can I work with them?"

Thursday 24th May, 2007 : Dietmar Kuehl, "C++ TR1"

Thursday 22nd March, 2007 : Stefano Cicu, "Recruitment Agencies"

Thursday 22nd February, 2007 : Russel Winder, "C++: Why bother?"

Wednesday 1st November, 2006 : Kevlin Henney, "A Critical View of C++ Practices"