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London Feb 2012

Assembley Language

When: 23rd Feb, 6:30 pm til 8:00
Where: Cititec Associates Limited and Excelian's offices: 50 Featherstone Street EC1Y 8RT London Please register so we know numbers


Use of assembly code as the language of choice has been in decline for many years and for good reason, it can be unwieldy, slow to develop in and error prone. However this said people often think of assembly code as a good place to turn when it comes to optimisation.

This session aims to explore how armed with a thorough understanding of assembly code and in turn how modern processor architecture works its possible to get the most of out development with C++ without ever resorting to assembly code. However we also aim to explore how this knowledge can open new avenues of understanding of what’s going on underneath the hood of your program with path the way for skills such as forensic debugging, reverse engineering and everyone ones personal favourite hand optimised assembly code.


Antony Peacock is a technologist working in the Quantitative Analytics department of Barclays Capital as a member of the technical consultancy team. Here he focuses primarily on low level systems programming, debugging strategies and performance and optimisation techniques. In a former life he was a games programmer.