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ACCU London February 2011

21st century software development: making the cloud work for you

with Ade Oshineye of Google

When: Thursday 17 February 2010 6.30pm (usually 60 to 90 minutes)

Where: 7 City

Registration: Please use EventBrite

A free event open to members and non-members alike Overview

A talk about the development of

It's a fairly simple App Engine app that takes advantage of lots of existing technology and libraries to do something that would have required a large team a few years ago.

It's an XMPP chat bot which offers features such as realtime search over the entire Google Buzz corpus. The code is here:

For people who want the buzzword version: PSHB (Pubsubhubbub), XMPP, Atom, Google App Engine, Python Git/Github

The main thing people would get from the talk is an appreciation of how easy it is to both develop and deploy applications using free or freemium 21st century tools.

I'll also be showing people how they can apply these same tools to their dayjobs.

About Ade

Ade is a Developer Advocate in Google's London office. He's interested in the protocols and technologies that power the social web. He'd love to show you how social features can make your software better. Over the last decade he's worked on trading systems for a variety of investment banks as well as on Google's advertising and mobile search systems. He's also the co-author of Apprenticeship Patterns: a book that teaches you how to learn to be a great programmer.