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Overload Journal #140 - August 2017

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Gnomes and Misnomers
Description : What’s in a name? Frances Buontempo decides some names are better than others. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
The Path of the Programmer
Description : Personal development is important. Charles Tolman provides a framework for looking at this. by Charles Tolman
Category: [ Process Topics ]
A Usable C++ Dialect that is Safe Against Memory Corruption
Description : Suitable allocators for (Re)Actors can speed things up. Sergey Ignatchenko continues his investigation in Allocator for (Re)Actors (Part 2). by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Metaclasses: Thoughts on Generative C++
Description : Can you simplify C++ with minimal library extension? Herb Sutter shows how metaclasses could make this possible. by Herb Sutter
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
A C++ Developer Sees Rustlang for the First Time
Description : Rust claims to run blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. Katarzyna Macias provides an introduction for a C++ developer. by Katarzyna Macias
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Portable Console I/O via iostreams
Description : Portable streaming is challenging. Alf Steinbach describes how his library fixes problems with non-ASCII characters. by Alf Steinbach
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
A Functional Alternative to Dependency Injection in C++
Description : Dependency injection allows flexibility. Satprem Pamudurthy showcases a functional alternative in C++. by Satprem Pamudurthy
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
About the C++ Core Guidelines
Description : The C++ core guidelines are a useful summary of C++ best practice. Andreas Fertig shows their use. by Andreas Fertig
Category: [ Process Topics ]
Description : Chris Oldwood reminds us to fix the problem, not to blame. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Programming Topics ]