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Overload Journal #137 - February 2017

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Editorial: The Uncertainty Guidelines
Description : Uncertainty can be overwhelming. Frances Buontempo embraces the advantages of ambiguity. by Frances Buontempo
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Mean Properties
Description : Property based testing is all the rage. Russel Winder walks us through an example of properties an arithmetic mean function should have. by Russel Winder
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
The Importance of Back-of-Envelope Estimates
Description : Guestimate questions make many people grumble. Sergey Ignatchenko reminds us why they matter. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Programming Topics | Process Topics ]
Multiprocessing and Clusters in Python
Description : Multiprocessing is possible in Python. Silas S. Brown shows us various ways. by Silas S. Brown
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
doctest – the Lightest C++ Unit Testing Framewor
Description : C++ has many unit testing frameworks. Viktor Kirilov introduces doctest. by Viktor Kirilov
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Correct Integer Operations with Minimal Runtime Penalties
Description : Results of C++ integer operations are not guaranteed to be arithmetically correct. Robert Ramey introduces a library to enforce correct behaviour. by Robert Ramey
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
Description : Trying to find a good candidate for a role is hard. Chris Oldwood reminisces on various factors that influence interviewers. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Programming Topics ]