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ACCU London November 2010

Russel Winder tells us we are all doomed

When: 18 November 2010, registration at 6.30pm for 7:00pm talk
Where: Skills Matter, 116-120 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7DP.
Register here: Skillsmatter
Java, Python, Ruby, Linux, Windows, are all doomed.
The Multicore Revolution gathers pace. Moore's Law remains in force -- chips are getting more and more transistors on a quarterly basis. Intel are now out and about touting the "many core chip". The 80-core chip continues its role as research tool. The 48-core chip is now actively driving production engineering. Heterogeneity not homogeneity is the new "in" architecture.
Where Intel research, AMD and others cannot be far behind.
The virtual machine based architectures of the 1990s, Python, Ruby and Java, currently cannot cope with the new hardware architectures. Indeed Linux and Windows cannot cope with the new hardware architectures either.
So either we will have lots of hardware which the software cannot cope with, or . . .
. . . well you'll just have to come to the session.

About Russel Winder

Dr Russel Winder is a freelance consultant, analyst, author and trainer.