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ACCU London July 2011

Mocking in C++ with Ed Sykes

When: WEDNESDAY 20th July

Where: 7 City, 4 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4UP London (We might be in classroom 9, and it may be labelled as a CQF extra lecture) Everyone welcome - members and non-members alike.

Our topic: Ed Sykes will be talking be talking about his experiences with two C++ mocking libraries - MockItNow and Hippomocks. Though there will probably be a bit of background about mocking, it will assume some level of familiarity with the concepts.

Our speaker

11 years ago, following a degree in artificial intelligence, Ed found himself writing code professionally. He was lucky enough to start his career on a software project that was a failure with many opportunities to learn. Ever since, he's been trying to be understand how to deliver the right features with the right quality at the right time. His time has been spent programming for product companies and he currently enjoys serving a team through coaching, technology leadership, process improvement, big ideas and writing code.

Please register here so I can collect names for 7 city: Eventbrite

Turn up from 6:30. Finish by 8.